about us

L.M.C. GROUP S.A. was founded in September 1994, when it was established at 8, Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg, but under a different name. In January 2000, we adopted our current name and became a Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF).

L.M.C. GROUP S.A. is a dynamic organization able to offer an extensive number of services and products to an ever more demanding clientele. Advice on financial, business and tax engineering and on accounting matters is given directly by the experts and specialists of LMC GROUP S.A. Close collaboration with both national and international banking and financial professionals and specialist law firms, enables us to realize the fiscal, legal, financial corporate and commercial ambitions of an international clientele for whom impeccable, first rate service is important.


We can, within the context of international taxation which we are in today and thanks to our international network of foreign correspondents established in different parts of the world, enable our clients to form companies under foreign law, the principal jurisdictions being those of:

If the client wishes to optimise an investment by using different international jurisdictions, we can help by indicating the best strategy for them.

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